K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Let's Solve and Improve Your Hangeul Memory with Quizzes on Popular Songs

Discover a brilliant way to review Hangeul with 7 themed quizzes!


Are you acing the quizzes designed to make learning and enjoying Hangeul fun? Why not skip the introduction and dive straight into the main content! Are you ready? 



Let's get started!



💯 Choose what the Hangeul pronunciation in each quiz question is pointing to from the options!


Answer: ② Bad Guy


Answer: ② Call Me Maybe


Answer: ③ Shape of You


Answer: ② Dancing Queen


Answer: ① Down Under


Answer: ③ Rolling in the Deep


Answer: ① As It Was


Answer: ③ Stay


Answer: ③ Bad Habits


Answer: ② Enemy


we are super curious to see how many you got right : )


See you in the next quiz content! The theme for the next one is... shh, it's a secret :) 😋



📍 The quiz questions and formats above are randomly selected from KONOGRAM's Hangeul Path(Quiz game).  


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