K-LEARNING | March.27.2024

Let's Solve and Improve Your Hangeul Memory with Quizzes on Everyday Verbs

Discover a brilliant way to review Hangeul with 7 themed quizzes!


A unique way to make revising Hangeul fun!😙


Today, we have prepared a quiz themed around verbs(Verb) that we use in our daily lives. By applying Hangeul to the verbs we use and express every day, it will help you remember Hangeul longer and enable you to use it in various ways. Let's get started right away!



💯 Choose what the Hangeul pronunciation in each quiz question is pointing to from the options!


Answer:  ② Know


Answer:  ① Take


Answer:  ③ Seen


Answer:  ② Came


Answer:  ③ Want

Answer:  ③ Gave


Answer:  ① Use


Answer:  ③ Ask


Answer:  ② Mean


Answer:  ② Learn



Doing quizzes like this makes Hangeul feel more familiar, right? 


Instead of just using Hangeul for studying Korean, try mixing it into your everyday life wherever you can. 


This way, by using Hangeul in all sorts of ways, it'll stick in your memory more naturally. Wondering how many quizzes you nailed today!



See you in the next quiz content!



📍 The quiz questions and formats above are randomly selected from KONOGRAM's Hangeul Path(Quiz game).  


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