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Elevating Makgeolli from Tradition to Trend: KOOKSOONDANG


Koosoondang distinguishes itself in the realm of traditional Korean alcoholic beverages through its steadfast dedication to quality. Situated 500 meters above sea level in Gangwon Province, the brewery enjoys a naturally pristine environment, guaranteeing the use of the finest ingredients and brewing techniques. 

All Koosoondang products proudly carry the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification, underscoring their safety and quality.


Shall we delve deeper into Koosoondang?



Company Name: Kooksoondang Brewery Co., Ltd.

Established: 1983

✅ Business Areas: Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing

Alcoholic Beverages: Original Makgeolli, Flavored Makgeolli, Premium Makgeolli, Bekseju, Rea, Charm-Soon, Ginseng Liquor, Raspberry Wine

💻 Homepage: http://global.ksdb.co.kr/intro.asp



A Green Legac


For the fifth consecutive year, Koosoondang's brewery has earned recognition as a Green Company from the Korean government, showcasing its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.



Introduction to Makgeolli: The Essence of Korean Tradition


Makgeolli, Korea's cherished raw rice wine, offers a unique blend of sweet, tangy, bitter, and astringent flavors, characterized by its slight viscosity and milky, off-white appearance. This lightly effervescent drink symbolizes social bonding and typically has an alcohol content of six to nine percent. Valued for its dynamic maturation process that continues post-bottling, traditional Korean makgeolli provides a depth of flavor absent in pasteurized versions. Modern innovations include fruit infusions, adding a contemporary twist to this age-old beverage.



KOOKSOONDANG Product Highlights


✔️Original Makgeolli: A Pure Expression


Kooksoondang's Original Makgeolli is produced using pristine water, select rice, and nuruk, incorporating a pasteurization-free and eco-friendly raw rice fermentation method. This technique not only infuses the makgeolli with nutrients and amino acids but also amplifies its natural rice flavor, allowing storage at room temperature for up to a year.



✔️Flavored Makgeolli: A Symphony of Tastes


Kooksoondang diversifies the traditional makgeolli experience with flavors like Peach, White Grape, Banana, Strawberry, and Chestnut, offering a refreshing reinterpretation of the classic drink.



✔️Bekseju: A Connoisseur's Choice


BEKSEJU, featuring Seolgaengmi rice, high-quality nuruk, ginseng, and 12 precious herbs, is the first Korean alcoholic beverage to receive the Excellent Cultural Product certification. Its golden color, herbaceous scent, and balanced flavor profile position it as a premium selection.



✔️REA: Premium Distilled Soju


REA epitomizes the finest distilled soju, made exclusively from sweet potatoes from the Yeoju region. Its complex flavor profile results from atmospheric distillation and aging in traditional Korean Onggi earthenware, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable experience.



Perfect Pairings with Makgeolli



✔️Jeon: The Quintessential Companion


Jeon, a Korean pancake known for its savory flavor and slightly greasy, chewy texture, is celebrated as the perfect complement to makgeolli. With a variety of flavors like kimchi, potato, and green onion, Jeon offers a flexible way to enhance the makgeolli tasting experience.



✔️Tofu Kimchi: A Harmonious Match


Considering makgeolli's rich carbohydrate content, dishes high in protein, vitamins, and minerals are recommended. Tofu Kimchi, with its substantial nutrient profile, emerges as an ideal pairing, balancing the drink's sweet and tangy notes with its own savory and spicy flavors.



✔️Raw Fish: A Delightful Contrast


Raw fish, especially the firm and nutty gizzard shad, pairs exquisitely with makgeolli. The combination of raw fish dipped in spicy sauce followed by a sip of makgeolli creates a taste experience distinct from soju, highlighting a unique culinary harmony.


Kooksoondang innovatively propels Korean makgeolli into global prominence by blending traditional brewing with modern flavors and sustainability. 

Their meticulous use of pristine ingredients and dedication to quality, evidenced by HACCP certification, alongside a diverse product range from original to flavored makgeolli and premium beverages like Bekseju and REA, demonstrates a commitment to both heritage and innovation. 

This approach not only preserves traditional Korean culture but also adapts it to contemporary tastes, ensuring its appeal to a wide audience.



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