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Create Korean Amook Culture: SAMJIN AMOOK


A brand revolutionizing Amook culture with fresh ingredients and a chewy texture, Samjin Amook

Established in 1953 and carried through three generations, this Korean brand has a long history and tradition. 

It has created a new paradigm for Amook accessible to all ages by offering premium Amook and expanding into the Amook bakery business.✨

*AMOOK: The most similar English pronunciation of Korean word for Korean fishcake.It refers to processed(steamed or deep-fried) minced fish products.


Shall we learn more about Samjin Amook?



Overview of SAMJIN AMOOK

Company Name: SAMJIN AMOOK

Established: 1953

Business Areas:

✅ Amook: Manufacturing high-quality and delicious Amooks based on Samjin Amook's unique technology

✅ Amook Bakery: Producing a variety of Amook snacks like Amook croquettes, Amook bars, etc.

✅ R&D Business: Developing a wide range of Amooks suitable for the market and trends 
through product research

💻 Homepage: www.samjinamook.com




A third-generation company with a rich tradition and history

"we must use good ingredients even if we don’t make any profit. Because our products are for people."

Adhering to a philosophy of using only high-quality ingredients🐟 to make Amook, Samjin Amook is a brand established in 1953. 

It has been passed down through three generations, each inheriting and enhancing traditional skills to craft premium Amook.👍



Korea's First AMOOK Bakery


Samjin Amook is the country's first Amook bakery, starting its journey in Busan. 

Boasting a high content of fish meat for a chewy texture, it offers an array of Amook bakery products, including Amook bars and croquettes.😋




A Samjin Amook area where you can directly experience Amook making


The Samjin Amook Yeongdo flagship store offers a distinctive 'Market & Museum' space, where visitors can purchase products and simultaneously explore a museum showcasing the history of Samjin Amook, which dates back to 1953.



Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to make various handmade Amook themselves and enjoy tasting them, enriching their Amook experience.👍



The Variety of Samjin Amook Products



 ✔️Various Amook


😋Offering a variety of Amooks with high fish content, ensuring a chewy texture in multiple flavors and shapes.



✔️Amook Croquette 


😋Various fresh ingredients are wrapped with Amook, covered with breadoumbs and deep-fried for their unique crispy texture and rich flavor of Amook.



✔️Amook Bar


😋An easy-to-eat, snack-sized Amook Bar, perfect for on-the-go consumption.


✨Discover Samjin Amook, a Korean Amook brand committed to using premium ingredients and ensuring a savory, clean flavor profile.



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