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Yukbaekmajigi: The Hidden Gem Known as the Alps of Korea and a Must-Visit Summer Spot


Yukbaekmajigi on Cheongoksan Mountain in Pyeongchang

known as the Alps of Korea



You can find Yukbaekmajigi(육백마지기) in Pyeongchang(평창), Gangwon State(강원도). 


🖐 As of June 2023, the English name of Gangwon Province has been changed to Gangwon State.



This place, located high enough to touch the sky, clouds, and wind, is a special spot where you can spend a hot yet refreshing summer. Yukbaekmajigi on Cheongoksan Mountain(청옥산) in Pyeongchang, known as the "Alps of Korea”, used to be known only to locals or well-traveled adventurers. However, as they started sharing it on various blogs and social media, it has become a must-visit destination for many. Still, it's not an easy place to find for spontaneous travelers who don't plan and aren't looking for detailed travel information. But it feels like it will soon become a famous place that represents Korea!



Yukbaekmajigi’s Shasta Daisies


You can visit this place in any season—spring, summer, fall, or winter—and each time, the view is different. But if you can only go once, I recommend visiting from late June to July.


In Korea, when people think of “summer flowers,” they usually think of hydrangeas. But here at Yukbaekmajigi, people think of Shasta daisies because this place is famous for them.


In July, the whole area turns white with Shasta daisies, making it look like snow has fallen in the middle of summer. There are walking paths so you can see all the flowers. Even though it's hot, seeing these white flowers will make you really happy.


Because of this, every July, Yukbaekmajigi is all over Korean social media and has become a must-visit spot for people who love to travel.



Wow, The Breathtaking Scenery of Yukbaekmajigi


In Pyeongchang, Gangwon State, near the summit of Cheongoksan Mountain (1,256 meters above sea level), there is a vast field called Yukbaekmajigi. Gangwon State is known for its high mountains and lack of flatlands, so finding a large field here is impressive. And finding such a field near the top of a mountain is even more remarkable.


The name Yukbaekmajigi has a meaningful origin in Korean. Yukbaek means 600, and Majigi is a traditional Korean unit of area used for farming, indicating a field large enough to plant one Mal(about 18 liters) of seeds. Therefore, Yukbaekmajigi means a field large enough to plant 600 Mal of seeds.



On a clear day, you can see the mountains of Pyeongchang from here, and the ever-changing scenery creates a mysterious yet majestic atmosphere. If you want to feel the blazing sun, clouds so close you can almost touch them, a gentle breeze, and the fragrant scent of flowers, this is the place to go.



The Tough Journey to See the Amazing Yukbaekmajigi


Although Yukbaekmajigi is located at a high altitude, fortunately, there is a road that allows vehicles to reach the area. However, the road is very narrow, with steep slopes and sharp curves, making it difficult for inexperienced drivers. There is no public transportation, so you’ll need to take a taxi or drive yourself. Is the effort to see such a beautiful place worth it? 😭


Additionally, near the top, the road remains natural, so a lot of dust gets kicked up when cars pass by. It's not advisable to wash your car before you go.


Once you get near the top, there are several parking lots, but the lots are small and often full, even on weekdays. Many cars park on the side of the road, so if you do find a spot, it's best to park quickly.



강원특별자치도 평창군 미탄면 청옥산길 583-76

583-76, Cheongoksan-gil, Mitan-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon State, Korea



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