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A place where K-trends gather: Jumunjin


Located at the northernmost tip of Gangneung, "Jumunjin" is a place where you can experience the beautiful coastline of Korea.🌊



Jumunjin in Gangneung is especially famous for its unique natural landscapes and delicious seafood, and its scenic beauty has made it a popular filming location for K-dramas!🎬


Shall we explore more about the fascinating Jumunjin in Gangneung?😆



The Meaning of Jumunjin 


The Jumunjin Beach, located in Gangneung, used to serve as a ferry terminal for ordering and transporting goods in the past.🛶

Nowadays, it's a beach🏖️ that beautifully showcases the sparkling beauty of the East Sea, akin to a gem💎 along the coastline.



The Allure of the Blue Sea: Jumunjin Beach


Jumunjin boasts a coastline where you can enjoy the shimmering blue sea🌊 throughout the seasons.

Especially at Jumunjin Beach, dense pine forests complement the scenery, allowing you to experience both aspects of nature's charm.😀

The most representative Jumunjin Beach features shallow waters and clear seawater💦, making it possible to catch clams🐚 if you time your visit right.



The Epicenter of K-Trend 


Compared to other areas, Jumunjin stands out for its beautiful natural surroundings and clear seawater, making it a popular filming location for K-dramas!

Shall we explore where Jumunjin appears?🎥


🎬"The Glory": Sodol Port Lighthouse

©Gangneung City


The Sodol Port Lighthouse, a filming location for “The Glory👫”, is where the main characters Moon Dong-eun and Joo Yeo-jung enjoy canned beer on a snowy seaside night.


Want to check out the scenes of Sodol Port tourist destination on TV📺?




🎬"Goblin": Jumunjin Abandoned Power Station


The Jumunjin Abandoned Power Station, a filming location for “Goblin💐”, serves as the backdrop for the initial encounter between the main characters Ji Eun-tak and Goblin Kim Shin, boasting a romantic atmosphere and stunning scenery.🥰




Album jacket of BTS's "YOU NEVER WALK ALONE” : BTS Bus Stop

Featured on the album jacket of BTS's “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE💕”, this bus stop offers a refreshing view of the sea, providing a backdrop where you can feel the youthful energy depicted in the song lyrics.🏃🏃‍♂️



If you go during sunset hours, you can enjoy an even more beautiful landscape, so keep that in mind~

The refreshing sea where the lively Jimin💜 appeared is right here in Jumunjin! Then we can't miss watching the "Spring Day🌸" music video, can we? I miss it~😢




A Culinary Haven Overflowing with Seafood Delights

©KTO-Lee Beom Su


Jumunjin is one of the places where you can taste the delights of fresh seafood.🦞🐟

Enjoy a moment of pleasure with fresh seafood dishes while appreciating the gratitude for the sea.

You can taste a variety of dishes prepared with fresh seafood.



Now, are you ready to set off on your Jumunjin adventure?😘


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