K-Trend | June.28.2024

Joy of: A Pillar of K-Pop Excellence

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As an ardent fan of K-pop, especially the iconic girl groups, it's impossible to ignore the charm and talent of Red Velvet's Joy. Joy, whose real name is Park Soo-young, has captivated fans worldwide with her unique voice and charismatic stage presence.


Real Name: 박수영, 朴秀英, Park Sooyoung 

Date of Birth: September 3, 1996 

Nationality: Korea 

Company: SM Entertainment   

Group: Red Velvet  





Joy joined SM Entertainment in 2012 after passing the SM Global Audition. Upon becoming a trainee, she transferred from Yeomgwang High School to the School of Performing Arts Seoul, from which she later graduated. Unlike other Red Velvet members who debuted through the SMROOKIES pre-debut team, Joy took a more traditional route, training for 2.5 years before making her debut.




In Red Velvet, Joy holds the position of sub-vocalist and is renowned for her beautiful and distinctive voice. Her vocal range is impressive, often leading her to handle high notes in acapella performances. Additionally, she frequently contributes to the group's songs as a backing vocalist, showcasing her versatility. Joy also serves as the group's lead rapper, praised for her excellent sense of rhythm.




Joy is known among her members for her mature and supportive personality. She listens well to others and is bold and straightforward, qualities that endear her to both her group and her fans. Her ability to blend a confident stage persona with a down-to-earth character makes her a beloved member of Red Velvet and a standout in the K-pop industry.




Joy's journey from a trainee to a celebrated idol is a testament to her hard work. Her multifaceted talent continues to shine, bringing joy to fans all over the world.