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FRUDIA: From Fruit to Face – Transform Your Skincare Routine Today!


If fruits turned into cosmetics,

wouldn't it be this brand we're introducing today?


Welcos' FRUDIA




The interesting story of FRUDIA



There was someone who spent a long time researching fruit cosmetics and always wondered, 'How can we deliver the nutrients of fruits directly to the skin? 


To find the answer, this person embarked on a journey around the world in search of fruits. During the journey, they discovered a workshop in Alsace, France, where pure fruit jams were made without any additives. They noticed that the jam artisan, who carefully prepared and slowly mashed the fruits by hand, had unusually smooth, moist, and wrinkle-free skin. 


This was the revelation: the power of fresh fruit nutrients when applied to the skin. This person realized that even the base of skincare, the water, had to be different. They created pure fruit nutrient water by slowly cold-pressing the seeds, pulp, and peels of fruits to preserve the nutrients. 

And so, this person created FRUDIA, an all-fruits cosmetics brand that purifies and revitalizes tired skin with the healthy power of fruits. This was the beginning of FRUDIA, and to this day, FRUDIA continues to deliver the energy of fruits to the skin using high-quality ingredients and accumulated technology from around the world. 



FRUDIA: A New Way of Eating Fruits

Do you still eat fruit only with your mouth?

From now on, I eat them with my skin too!



Here are our top 3

recommended FRUDIA products!



💎 Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm 💎

후르디아 블루베리 허니 립밤



“No more chapped lips! We've got you covered.”

Gentle exfoliation and 48-hour hydration



If you're worried about chapped and cracked lips, we highly recommend this lip balm from FRUDIA. With a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Korea's NAVER Smart Store, customers call it their 💋 life-changing lip balm 💋. 


This lip balm combines the nourishing benefits of Jeju blueberry extract, rich in vitamins C and E.



It not only moisturizes but also exfoliates and can be used as a lip pack It won 1st place in the Lip Care Lip Balm category and the WINNER award in the Lip Balm category at GLOWPICK's Consumer Beauty Awards, a trusted beauty review service in Korea.



It was also awarded the <Best Korea Product of The Year> at the 2022 Global H&B Watson's Turkey Watsons Beauty Award. 


What more can we say? 


For more about the products  

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💎 Frudia Green Grape Sebum Control Cooling Sun Gel 💎

후르디아 청포도 세범 컨트롤 쿨링 선 젤


“Protect your skin from the sun the 'vegan' way.”

NO white cast & sebum control, non-sticky cooling sun gel



This beauty product is officially registered as a ‘vegan certified’ product by EVE VEGAN, a French vegan certification body known for its strict and thorough evaluations. It has achieved: 


    ① NO ingredients of animal origin 

    ② Not tested on live animals 

    ③ Suitable for vegans 



But that's not all!

Not only does this sun gel provide UV protection, it also has whitening properties to help treat sun-damaged skin and improve wrinkles. Plus, with its patented Anti-Sebum P™ sebum control ingredients, it effectively manages excess oil, making it a smart and affordable choice.



Despite all of these benefits, what customers love most about this product is its texture. It's a light yellow gel with no artificial colors and a non-sticky, refreshing feel. It protects and conditions the skin without feeling heavy or sticky, making it the perfect product to keep your skin cool and well protected. 


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💎 Frudia Green Grape Pore Control Cream 💎

후르디아 청포도 포어 컨트롤 크림


Keep your skin healthy with pure fruit juice nutrients.”

Cold-pressed to preserve the natural goodness of the fruit.



You can't talk about FRUDIA without mentioning the 'Green Grape Pore' line, which includes a toner, serum and cream! Today we'll focus on the cream. 



This product is also certified vegan by EVE VEGAN in France, so it's a very healthy choice. In a two-week clinical trial, it was highly rated for its sebum and pore improvement effects, thanks to its special formulation. 



Made with pure fruit juice nutrients! 

Instead of water or purified water, this product contains green grape juice using the R VITA WDS™ cold-pressed liposome method. 



Sounds complicated?  

Simply put, it's a special encapsulation technique designed to preserve the vitamins and nutrients of the fruit juice by pressing it drop by drop at a low temperature, allowing these active ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. This method prevents the destruction of nutrients during the 48-hour cold-pressing process, resulting in this product. 


The tannin in green grapes and various ingredients in this cream are known to reduce sebum, tighten pores, and improve skin texture all at once. Sebum control, pore tightening, and primer effect—three skin concerns solved with one sherbet-textured cream. 



The texture is also unique. It's like a frozen green grape sorbet that feels fresh and moist when applied. When it touches the skin, it turns into water droplets that are quickly absorbed and fill the pores. Amazing, right? 


For more about the products  

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Derived from Over 30 Years of Fruit Research


FRUDIA, a brand by WELCOS, is a combination of the words fruit" and "dia”, symbolizing beauty inspired by the bounty of nature. 


FRUDIA discovered the wisdom of the beauty of fruits rich in antioxidant energy. Through WELCOS' extensive research on the benefits of fruits and advanced technology, the radiant result called FRUDIA was born.



Curious about more of FRUDIA's products?

Check out the link below!



🛒 Online Store 

- https://linktr.ee/frudia.official 


🎞 Youtube 

- https://www.youtube.com/@frudiatvtv1084


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