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Perfect Care for Sensitive Skin: Discover O’clearien's Natural Wonders

Sensitive skin?

Gather around O'clearien!



There is a cool skincare brand in Korea with an interesting history, and it is O'clearien!



Why is it so special?

O'clearien is the start of an innovative change

from a natural clothing brand.



The company that launched O’clearien, K-Min Group, started with the philosophy that clothes touching the skin should be made from the safest materials. They primarily focused on linen and other natural fabrics.


After 10 years of making natural fabric clothes, they expanded their expertise to skincare with the motto that cosmetics penetrating the skin should be natural, and thus, O’clearien was born.



Embrace the purity of natural ingredients

with our non-irritating skincare solutions!


We love using O'clearien products too,

so which ones do we recommend?



Our Top 3 O'clearien Beauty Picks



💎 Layered Toner Mist 💎

3-Second Moisture After Cleansing, Hydrating and Gentle Mist



Nature’s Power from Cactus: Trehalose

With moisture retention that withstands extreme dryness, this natural moisturizing secret prevents moisture loss and protects against external irritants.



The Incredible All-in-One Solution

Not only does it contain Trehalose, but the patented layered formula also contains ingredients approved by the Korean FDA for whitening and wrinkle improvement. This product's greatest strength is its ability to address dry and dull skin by providing moisture and radiance all at once’! 


For more about the products  

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💎 Layered Natural Serum 💎

Deep hydration for your skin


If you've been charging your skin with moisture in 3 seconds after cleansing with Layered Natural Mist, now it's time to deeply hydrate your skin!


This product won the ROOKIE OF THE YEAR award at the 2024 MOSMOBEAUTY SEOUL AWARDS, proving its undeniable effectiveness once you try it.



Real user reviews:


A serum that replenishes the 'deep elasticity' and 'deep hydration' of your skin. The quality of the ingredients speaks for itself. 

To maintain deep elasticity, you need to hydrate deeply, and patented ingredients and technology make this possible. 



For more about the products  

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💎 Layered Natural Cream 💎

Locks in moisture deep within the skin


Now that you've hydrated your skin and locked in the moisture and elasticity, it's time to lock in that moisture so it doesn't escape!



The secret to locking in moisture deep within the skin is Squalane

High concentrations of squalane strengthen the moisture barrier within the skin, forming a natural protective layer that prevents moisture loss and nourishes the skin.



A cream with a non-sticky, smooth texture 

Most creams can feel sticky and uncomfortable, but this one is so smooth, you'll say "wow" the first time you try it. It absorbs quickly into the skin, even in multiple layers, leaving no discomfort. 


For more about the products  

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Get Even Better Results

When Used Together!





O'clearien: Natural Beauty, Trusted Quality 


Return to the Age of Purity 

A pure beauty brand using only natural ingredients 


At O'clearien, we believe that the healthiest skin comes straight from nature. That's why O'clearien uses high-quality natural ingredients in all of our products to make your daily skincare routine something to look forward to. 


Experience the best of Korean skincare with O'clearien. Our focus is on your skin's health, offering products that are both effective and honest. With O'clearien, you can trust that you're getting the finest natural skincare available. 


Join us in embracing natural beauty with O'clearien, where nature meets science for the perfect skincare solution! 



🛒 Online Store 

- www.oclearien.com 


🎞 Youtube 

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3p0CPqBAbI


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