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Korea's Aesthetic Brand of Sincerity and Devotion: YAKSON HOUSE


If you are seeking natural beauty without undergoing surgery, allow me to introduce you to Yakson House, a Korean aesthetic brand. 

Yakson House is a pioneer in K-beauty, enhancing individual beauty through non-surgical methods. With a history spanning over 45 years, Yakson House is globally acclaimed for its unique bone therapy, which facilitates natural transformations in the face and body.



Overview of YAKSON HOUSE

Business: Areas: Yakson House 

Established: 1979

Business Areas:

✅ Beauty Treatment: Personalized care therapy such as facial and body care

✅ Cosmetic: Production and sales of brand's own products

💻 Homepage: www.yaksonhouse.com

📱 Instagram: @ysmg1979

▶️ YouTube: @yaksonbeauty9043



How did the Yakson House logo come into existence?


Yakson House has encapsulated the fervent wish for its customers to become more beautiful within its very hands.🙌 The palm lines, etched into the hands of artisans boasting 45 years of tradition and expertise, represent an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Specifically, the logo draws inspiration from the palm lines of the founder of Yakson Therapy, Chairman Lee Byung-chul, encapsulating Yakson House's vision of delivering beauty with sincerity and dedication.🧘‍♂️



Beauty Therapy Infused with Sincerity and Devotion


No Surgery, No Injection, No Medicine


Yakson👏: In Korea, there's a saying that hands can transmit the heart's intentions, hence the term ‘Yakson’, which refers to the healing touch akin to that of a mother's hands. In the same vein, we've infused our hands with the earnest wish for our customers to achieve greater beauty.🧴


Myeongga🏠: Every esteemed family with a rich history is supported by artisans. We collaborate with artisans who bring 45 years of authenticity and specialized expertise in therapy.🧘‍♀️



The South Korean aesthetic brand ‘Yakson’ steadfastly adheres to the principles of 'genuine care and dedication.☺️



Reliability as Shared by Experienced Clients

You can access safe and certified therapy through reviews shared by individuals who have undergone our therapy.👍



1st Place in South Korea's Consumer Satisfaction Index for the 6th Consecutive Year in 2023



Recipient of the Brand Power Award for 11 Consecutive Years in 2023



Certified as a Korean Service Quality Excellence Company in 2023



Additionally, not only in Korea but also internationally (Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam), our 21 branches operate, allowing you to experience K-beauty up close.



Customized Program Offerings


Leveraging our proprietary ‘Yakson Therapy’🌸, we feature a wide array of programs, including facial slimming, anti-aging face care, bridal care, body care, and personalized care. All our branches uphold the same level of service quality, achieved through systematic training, to deliver the ultimate service experience to our customers.💆 



What are some of our most popular programs?



✔️K-Beauty Celebrity Care

Ever noticed the radiant, firm, and smooth facial lines of K-celebrities on TV👩👨? With Yakson House's K-Beauty Celebrity Care, you can achieve that coveted elastic facial appearance just like those admired K-celebrities.😊




✔️Body Care

Say no to harsh diets!🙅‍♀️ Yakson House promotes balanced body care, not only through our delicate Yakson Therapy but also by managing lifestyle habits to support the maintenance of a steady physique.🏃‍♂️



Yakson House's Brand Ambassador: Clara


In 2024, Yakson House's brand ambassador is the one and only 💗Clara💗, famed for her porcelain skin and smooth body!💐 Clara herself is a testament to the consistent care provided by Yakson House. Let's delve into Yakson House's narrative through Clara's experience.🥰




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