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Unveiling BTS Members' Name Stories!

Let's read and learn the meanings behind real Korean names, not just the English ones we know!


HYBE's firstborn, BTS!

Let's dive into everything about the eldest!

Starting with their names!


Every Korean name is unique and has its own special story, and even names that sound the same can have completely different meanings.


So how about we explore the charm of Korean language and culture today through the names of the world-famous BTS members?



Here's a cool tip for mastering the Korean alphabet, Hangeul:

Try saying and reading the names of your favorite stars!


Kmall24 gives you a super fun way to explore what these Korean names really mean.



김남준/ Kim Nam-jun

He who has the destiny of being a genius


김남준 got his name from his parents. In a magazine interview in 2014, he shared the meaning behind his name: 남(Nam) represents South Korea, and 준(Jun) means someone with exceptional talents.


The character 준(Jun) can also mean someone who is really smart and clever, a prominent figure, bold, big, tall, and beautiful.


Looking deeper into his name, it seems that his parents hoped that he would become a distinguished and outstanding person from Korea. Today, he's not only outstanding in Korea, but in the whole world. Maybe there's something magical about the name his parents chose with such love and hope? 😁


With an IQ of over 148, 김남준 is definitely an exceptional guy!



김석진/ Kim Seok-jin

He who is destined to become like a great treasure


김석진 was given his name by his grandfather, who wished for him to become a 🎁great treasure🎁.


The character 진(Jin) in his name means treasure, precious, rare, and valuable. That's why Jin is the jewel of BTS! 🧡💛


From his stunning looks to his sparkling personality, everything about him shines. True to his grandfather's hopes, he has become a precious figure to all of us.



민윤기/ Min Yoon-gi

He who is destined to shine brightly and live life with ease


민윤기 has the character 기(Gi) in his name, which is a family generational name that he shares with his brother.


민윤기's name has a specific meaning: 'to lead a prosperous and smooth life'.



The character 윤(Yoon) in his name also has the meaning of 옥(jade), a gem that was considered the finest in ancient Korea and was worn only by the greatest leaders, symbolizing a king. In Korean, the throne on which a king sits is called 옥좌(Okjwa), where 옥(Ok) refers to this precious jade.


So could it be that Min Yoon-gi was destined to become a king? 😍



정호석/ Jung Ho-seok

He who is destined to become famous throughout the nation


정호석 was given his name by his parents in the hope that he would 📣spread his name all over the country. And guess what? He ended up spreading his name all over the world! 😲


The character 호(Ho) in his name means to call, name, or shout, reflecting his parents' wish for him to make his name famous.


Indeed, their hopes have become reality, as his life and his work have broadcast his name far and wide.



박지민/ Park Ji-min

He whose wisdom is higher than the clouds in the sky


This name, lovingly given by a grandfather, means ✨may wisdom reach the heavens.


The character 지(Ji) in the name stands for wisdom, sagacity, talent, intelligence, and truth. It's a popular character for names in Korea and is used by both men and women. This suggests that the name could also mean a person of immense talent and profound wisdom.


Fittingly, this was the name given to Jimin, who was the top student at Busan High School of Arts—a truly talented and wise individual indeed!



김태형/ Kim Tae-hyung

The one who can make all his dreams and wishes come true


김태형, whose name was given to him by his grandfather, means 💪to excel in all challenges. Interestingly, his father's name has a similar meaning, implying a destiny of seamless success.


The character 태(Tae) in his name means great, to succeed, and to extend far and wide, also suggesting greatness.


Although he faced many challenges on his way to becoming a singer, he overcame them all to become a world-renowned artist. With his name signifying the ability to wisely overcome any adversity!



전정국/ Jun Jung-kook

He who is destined to become the pillar on which a country stands


The name his grandfather gave him was meant to signify a life and person who would be the center and pillar of the nation.


The character 국(Guk) in his name means country, nation, capital, world, and founding a nation. Interestingly, as his name suggests, he has transcended Korea to become a person known throughout the world.


The prenatal dream his mother had before he was born is quite famous.


It is said that in the dream golden rain fell, and wherever the raindrops touched, they turned into gold. This dream is very unusual.



당신의 한국 이름은 무엇인가요?

What is your Korean name?


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