[WooA Doctor] Kids' Vitamin D Gummies (150g)

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- Features : Delicious bear-shaped jelly-type vitamin
- Volume : 2.5g x 60 gumies / 150g
- Caution : Take within expiration date. Follow amount and method of intake
- Type of food : Healthcare Supplement
- Ingredients/contents : Vitamin D
- Date of manufacture : Manufacturing date written on container, 2 years from manufacturing date
- The product is not intented to prevent or cure any disease. : It's not medicine for preventing or treating disease

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Product Description

"No matter how good it is, if it doesn't taste good, our children will never eat it!"

This is new concept health food Jelly.

Gummies are a fun and tasty way to give kids the nutrients they need.

It is a jelly-type vitamin D made by a doctor thinking about our child.

Delicious orange flavors with great taste guarantee!

Children's favorite bear-shaped vitamin D

"It is my highest priority to make safe and healthy products for me and my family to eat for life." 

Doctors Company

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