[VITALBEAUTIE] Real Collegen (10g x 28ea)

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Volume / Qty : 280 g [10 g X 28ea](400 kcal)

How to use : Eat one at a time. Try it every evening during skin care, which is the time to recharge your skin

Made in : south korea

Main ingredients : purified water, fish collagen-peptide (Indian acid), crystallized fructose, fructooligo sugar, white grape concentrate (Argentina), blue grape concentrate (U.S. acid), xylitol, rockust bean powder (rokerst bean gum, tartar,

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[VITALBEAUTIE] Real Collegen (10g x 28ea) fast absorption low molecular fish collagen Collagen in food is high in molecular weight and complex in structure, making it difficult to absorb large quantities. Real collagen contains 1000 mg of low-molecular fish collagen that is easy to absorb. Collagen jelly is easy to eat anytime, anywhere Real collagen is a jelly-type collagen that you can eat as a snack anytime, anywhere. If you're having a hard time swallowing the tablets, you can easily see collagen.
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