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Hetbahn - Cupbahn Kang Doenjang Barley Bibimbap 280g


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Sold by Box O'bliss


It's full of glutinous rice...
Soy bean paste barley bibimbap.
It's rich and savory with thick soybean paste with tofu and potatoes.

✅Food type: Instant cooking food

✅ Manufacturing: Made in Korea

✅ Expiration date: 9 months from the date of manufacture

✅ Weight: 280g

I like this.
1. Add a lot of tofu and potatoes to make it richer.
2. HAECHAN made it with soybean paste and it has a savory taste.
3. Stronger soybean paste barley bibimbap with glutinous barley.

Eat it like this!

Microwave recipe.
1. Peel off the dotted line of instant rice.
2. Stand the opened sauce and heat it in the microwave like instant rice. (2 minutes for 700w / 1 minute and 30 seconds for 1000w)
3. Put instant rice and sauces in a container and mix them well and enjoy.

How to cook boiling water.
1. Boil instant rice and sauce pouch in boiling water for 10 minutes without opening them.
2. Put instant rice and sauce in a cup container and mix well.

Room temperature storage
*Heat up seaweed and breaking instant rice and sauce and sprinkle them at the end.
*Due to the nature of the raw material, the skin of the host may be found. It's a characteristic of Jaepyo, so you can eat it with confidence.

Hetbanchal barley rice (domestic), glutinous barley (domestic), rice rice extract, soybean paste barley bibimbap sauce (dubu/foreign), and Haechandeul soybean paste base (soybean paste (soybean paste/foreign)}frozen potatoes with dihydro,
Shiitake mushroom hole, red pepper, clam broth, sugar, sodium L-glutamate (scent enhancer), kelp extract-EX, shrimp broth, mixture (modified starch, malto dextrin), garlic, soy sauce-based seasoning, chili powder, flavor enhancer, paprika extract]
*Please understand that the product can be mixed and shipped before changing the country of origin depending on the production and distribution time.

Allergy-causing substances include soybeans, wheat, shrimp, shellfish (including mussels).

Total endosupply 280 g (340 kcal) / sodium 880 mg (44%), carbohydrate 66 g (20%), sugar 3 g (3%), fat 3.7 g (7%), trans fat 0 g, saturated fat 0.7 g (5%), cholesterol 0 mg 0%, protein 11 g (20%) may vary depending on the individual's heat level.

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