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RAMOSU - 28 Days Aqua Cream 50ml


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Sold by RAMOSU


Long-lasting hydration, restoring moisture to dry skin

Qty : 50mlx1ea
Skin Types : For all skin
Made in South Korea

Period of use: 30 months from the date of manufacture.

Purified water, royal jelly extract, butylene glycol, ethanol, glycerin, triethylhexanoin, bee venom, propolis extract, silica, sodium hyaluronate, yeast/bandroot fermentation extract, lactobacillus/bean fermentation extract, yeast/earth root fermentation extract, white willow skin, Natto gum, allanto gum, xanthan gum, sodium pcA, betaine, solbitol, glycine, alanine, proline, serine, threonine, alginine, lysine, glutamic acid, fragrance, potassium hydroxide.

Mild Moisturizing Care
for sensitive skin

Ramosu 28 Days Aqua Cream

The patented natural complex which has excellent
anti-bacterial, anti-acne and soothing effect and
bee venom soothe skin damaged by acne,
external environment, and stress.

Non-Greasy Moisturizing Care

Light texture with rich moisture has a cooling effect,
immediately eliminating dryness.

It is absorbed into the skin without stickness.
Therefore, it is great for oily skin with excessive sebum secretion.

Hyaluronic acid grabs moisture!

Hyaluronic acid that attracts and holds 1000 times
its weight in water forms moisture barrier
and keeps
skin moisturized with a refreshing feeling.

Acne OUT!
Bee Venom Centella Asiatica

Bee venom and centella asiatica extract that is natural derived
ingredient suppresses effectively activation of P.acnes,
heals acne, and keeps skin clean.

Intensive Care with Patented
7-Natural Complex

The patented 7-natural complex which has excellent anti-bacterial,
anti-acne and soothing effect treat and soothe irritated skin,
while keeping skin clean.

Fermented Beans Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract White Willow Bark Portulaca Oleracea Oregano Leaf Extract Cinnamomum Cassia Bark Extract Centella Asiatica Extract

Light, Non-greasy texture
& Fresh Finish

Feel hydrated instantly leaves skin
feeling fresh and hydrated longer~!

Watery texture cream Light texture
that spreads easily
Absorb quickly and
not leave
a greasy feeling

Prevent future breakouts
For Sensitive Skin

Choosing the right cosmetics
for your skin type
more effectively.

01 All-in-one Cleanser
Wash morning and night.
02 Aloe vera Ampoule
Skincare for elementary school students
being started skin troubles.
Adolescence skincare for skin troubles (early)
03 AC Ssok solution
Products effective for redness
and dermatitis relief.
04 AC Ssok Ampoule
Products effective for comedonal
acne and pimples.
05 Aqua Cream
Light and Fresh Moisture Cream
for intensive care cosmetics
for skin troubles in spring and summer.
06 Repair Cream
Aqua Cream + Moisturizing
in fall and winter.
07 Ramosu Sunscreen
Non-sticky and smoothly spread to
block UV rays.
Evens skin tone naturally.

How to use

At the last stage of skin care routine,
take an appropriate amount of the cream
and spread over the entire face .

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