Danaum VitaminD3 5000IU Premium chewable soft capsule No-Sugar, No-GMO

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- Features : Necessary in building bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
- Volume/weight : 280mg x 60 capsule 16.8g / 75ml
- Caution : Take within expiration date. Follow amount and method of intake
- Import declaration according to Food Sanitation Law : Not applicable
- Type of food : Health functional food
- Nutrition facts : Vitamin D3 5,000IU/1 dose(280mg)
- Ingredients/contents : Vitamin D3, sunflower oil, wax, Jeju tangerine juice powder, natural orange flavored oil, etc
- GM foods : Not applicable
- Manufacturer : RPCORP
- Date of manufacture : Manufacturing date written on container, 2 years from manufacturing date
- The product is not intented to prevent or cure any disease. : It's not medicine for preventing or treating disease
- Display advertising prior examination : Advertisement deliberation 2141D056

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Danaum Vitamin D3 is best in quality that went through advanced manufacturing process by selecting premium ingredients and can be eaten by the whole family from small children to adult.

-Used carefully selected ingredients by Swiss DSM Company
Highest quality Vitamin D3 manufactured in Switzerland through excellent processing system of thorough quality management and hygiene management of DSM, a world-famous multinational corporation.

-Production through strict quality control
Chewable soft capsule product is being produced in the world's top leading company in soft capsule production field who has fundamental technology of R.PScherer(US) that has a 70% of the global market share in soft capsule industry, and drop-type Vitamin D for children is being manufactured through thorough quality control and hygiene management in an internationally well-recognized facility who acquired NSF GMP for the first time in nation.

-Orange flavor chewable soft capsule with high absorption rate
The absorption rate of Vitamin D in pill form is 10% but the absorption rate of Vitamin D in oil form is 98%.
It is orange-flavor chewable soft capsule with high absorption rate, so you can simply chew anywhere and at anytime.

-Used real-name of ingredients
Did not add artificial color, artificial flavoring, and artificial sweeteners, and did not use any supplementary ingredients from China or Japan.
Premium Vitamin D made with safe ingredients that you can eat with an easy mind.

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