[MSGBIO] MS Fucoidan 100 (30g)

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100% pure Fucoidan powder extracted by patent technology

Volume: 1g
Qty: 30
how to use: take 1 ~ 2 sticks per day before or after meal
made in Korea.
main ingredients: 100% Fucoidan powder produced by Tonga Limu
expiration date: 2 years from the date of manufactured
product composition: Tonga Limu 100%

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Product Description

Fucoidan is sticky components extracted only from brown algae(Limu, Mekabu, Seaweed, Kelp, etc) and was issued right after the Japanese Cancer Association announced “Fucoidan’s apoptosis effects on cancer cells” in 1996. Since then, Fucoidan has been recognized “very high value component” through more than 1,600 medical researches.

Among all the brown algae, the Limu(called “Mozuku” in Japanese) has the highest amount of Fucoidan but it exists only in limited area where are in the kingdom of Tonga and in Okinawa of Japan, etc. But, the 90% of Limu from Japan has been grown in cultivation type. With strong UV rays and plentiful minerals in the ocean of Tonga, it is good for millions of microorganism to live in. In order to survive from millions of microorganism, Tonga Limu produces higher molecule Fucoidan which means that Fucoidan from Tonga Limu has very high amount of Fucose and sulfate ion.

After harvesting natrual Tonga Limu and sending them to Korea, MS Global Bio produce Fucoidan with our Patent technology(#10-1386006: extraction and production method of Limu) In addition, we proved that our Fucoidan extract is very effective especially against cancer through another patent(#10-2016-0016073: cancer therapy with Limu extract).

About MS Fucoidan 100(Fucoidan 100%)

1.Pure 100% Fucoidan Powder!

MS Fucoidan 100 is 100% fucoidan powder extracted only from natural Limu grown in the kingdom of Tonga in South Pacific. Since MS fucoidan 100 is pure 100%, it doesn’t have any additives inside.


2. High Quality Fucoidan

MS Fucoidan 100 has much higher amount of Fucose and Sulfate ion that are key materials of Fucoidan than other fucoidan products.


3. Fucoidan Patent Technology!!

With our patent technology (#10-1386006: extraction and production method of Limu), we produce the best quality Fucoidan that the human body can absorb well. In addition, we proved that our fucoidan extract is very effective against cancer through another patent(#10-2016-0016073: cancer therapy with Limu extract)


4. Eco Friendly Manufacturing Method

When producing MS Fucoidan 100, We always use UF(Ultra Filter) technology instead of Alcohol method to upgrade its quality.

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