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Landmarks in Seoul Often Featured in K-Dramas: N Seoul Tower


Located right in the heart of Seoul is the N Seoul Tower! 

If you're a fan of K-Dramas❤️, chances are you've seen this tourist spot at least once.😁


The N Seoul Tower is one of Seoul's iconic landmarks. Perched atop Namsan, this tower provides the best vantage point for a panoramic view of Seoul's cityscape, beloved by both Seoul residents and tourists.🥰



The Meaning of N Seoul Tower 


The 'N' stands for Namsan, indicating that it is a landmark tower located on Namsan Mountain. From here, you can beautifully observe the cityscape of Seoul.



The Spectacular Observatory

Shall we explore the main attractions of Seoul Tower?


Seoul View🌞


Seoul Night View🌛

©KTO-Lee Beom Su

🗼From the observatory of the tower, you can relish a 360-degree view of Seoul. 

Experience the city's dynamic vibrancy by day and its magnificent night scenery after dusk.💡 

Surely, you wouldn't want to miss either of these experiences, would you?



✔️Romantic Spot

©KTO-Lee Beom Su


Adjacent to the tower lies the 'Love Locks❤️🔒' area, where couples hang padlocks as a symbol of their love.

 This romantic spot is especially favored by couples.😘

 This location is particularly popular with couples, so I recommend purchasing a lock and pen available at Namsan Tower and heading up.🔏


Do you recall the iconic love lock scene from the popular K-drama 'My Love from the Star⭐️’?




✔️Various Restaurants and Cafes


Within the tower, a variety of restaurants and cafes await, offering the chance to enjoy a meal🍽️ while taking in the enchanting views. 

Why not take this opportunity to create unforgettable romantic memories❤️ on a special day at Namsan in Korea?



📌An Additional Tip!

When in Namsan, both locals and tourists must try the Namsan Pork Cutlet – it's a culinary must! 

Discover the Namsan Pork Cutlet featured in K-Dramas!🍿


Check out the Namsan pork cutlet in the K-movie "Moving".🤩




✔️N Seoul Tower

 together with Namsan Park, offers a marvelous tourist destination, showcasing the beauty of all four seasons. 


It captivates with vibrant spring flowers🌸 and mesmerizes with the red hues of autumn🍁 leaves.

 Choosing Seoul Tower as a spot to view cherry blossoms in spring is indeed a splendid decision!




Hidden Stories of Seoul Tower





Can you determine the weather in Seoul by looking at Namsan Tower?


Did you know that the color of the lights on Namsan Tower changes according to Seoul's air pollution levels? 

They turn blue🔵 on good weather days and red🔴 on not-so-good ones. Keep that in mind!📌

The lights of Namsan Tower also change to share news, both good and bad, from other countries. Isn't that fascinating?




 Are there multiple ways to reach Namsan Tower?



‘Namsan Cable Car’🚠

If you find walking challenging or seek more meaningful memories in Namsan, consider taking the Namsan Cable Car.

©KTO-Lee Beom Su



You can also tour Namsan affordably by using the Namsan Circulation Bus.

©KTO-Kim Ji Ho


‘On Foot’🏃‍♂️

For those who enjoy nature and wish to exercise, walking is another option. The trail to Namsan is well-maintained, so no worries!

©KTO-Lee Beom Su


Let's discover more about Namsan through videos!🍿




Now, are you ready to set off on your N Seoul Tower adventure? 😘


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