K-Trend | July.05.2024

The 2024 Weverse Con Festival Captures the Charisma of SEVENTEEN's JEONGHAN

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The 2024 Weverse Con Festival, hosted by HYBE, brought fans and artists together for an unforgettable celebration of music and culture.


Among the many incredible performances, SEVENTEEN's stage on June 16 was undoubtedly a highlight. The group delivered electrifying renditions of their hits "MAESTRO," "HOT," and "_WORLD," captivating the audience with their energy and talent.



Our lenses were particularly drawn to SEVENTEEN member Jeonghan, whose presence on stage was nothing short of mesmerizing.


With his large, expressive eyes and flowing long hair, Jeonghan stood out effortlessly amidst the dynamic performance. His outfit for the night was a perfect blend of simplicity and style: a crisp white shirt paired with classic blue jeans. This look not only made him stand out, but also highlighted his natural elegance and charm.



Jeonghan's dynamic stage presence was a sight to behold. He radiated energy and enthusiasm, engaging the crowd with every move. Yet, even in moments of stillness, he exuded a serene beauty that captivated the audience. 

Whether in motion or at rest, Jeonghan's charisma was undeniable, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.


The 2024 Weverse Con Festival was a remarkable event, and SEVENTEEN's performance was a big part of its success. 

Jeonghan showed why he is such a popular member of the group. His ability to combine dynamic energy with effortless beauty made the night unforgettable for all the fans lucky enough to be there.