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LEESLE: Elegant K-Fashion Brand Making Hanbok for Everyday Wear, Just Like Your Jeans

What comes to mind

when you think of traditional Korean clothing?

YES! Hanbok.


Celebrities like BTS, BLACKPINK, and IVE

love to wear Hanbok

inspired outfits and accessories!



💎 Imagine adding traditional Korean clothing, Hanbok, to your wardrobe right now! 

💎 What if Hanbok wasn't just for special occasions but could add flair to your everyday style? 

💎 Welcome to a new fashion world where Korean tradition meets modern style! 


Introducing LEESLE(리슬), a special brand that follows the design philosophy of Hanbok that you can wear like jeans.


LEESLE’s hanboks blend Korean tradition with contemporary fashion to bring unique charm to your daily life. Before we dive deeper into LEESLE, let's enjoy their amazing products. 


Check out LEESLE and discover how you can bring a piece of Korean tradition into your everyday outfits! 


Phoenix Waist Belt - 7 Colors

봉황문 허리띠 - 7가지 컬러



Want to add a touch of Hanbok to your everyday fashion?”

From the moment you use this, you’ll become a fashion icon!



With a variety of colors, you can choose the one that best fits your style. The pattern on the belt is printed to resist peeling and fading! Although it's a waist belt, you can use it in many ways - as a hair accessory, bag strap, or even a scarf.



LEESLE’s Hanbok reinterprets tradition with a modern twist, making it easy for anyone to wear. Plus, it's machine washable for your convenience. Wearing Hanbok will make your everyday life more special and joyful. Experience Korea's charm with LEESLE! 



Dragon T-Shirt - 3 Colors

용안 티셔츠 - 3가지 컬러



“Unique Hanbok to Make Your Everyday Stylish”

Inspired by clothing once reserved only for kings!


This T-shirt was born out of feedback that men's hanbok lacked variety and style. It was designed to meet the demand for comfortable and stylish Hanbok for everyday wear, and LEESLE made it happen.



The dragon on this shirt is called Gon-ryong, which symbolizes Son of Heaven. It represents kings and their sons, and we've incorporated this symbolic design into our T-shirt.



This T-shirt is oversized, making it perfect for both men and women. It has an extended length and wide sleeves for a comfortable fit. Made from thick, durable fabric, it’s designed to last.  


The pattern printed on this shirt is also known for its high durability. 


Experience the unique blend of tradition and modern style with this versatile and durable Dragon T-shirt from LEESLE! 



King Dragon Dapho Maxi Duster Cardigan

용안 답호



“The Charm of Hanbok Revealed in the Breeze”

Elegant Dapho Reflecting the Dignity of Kings!


Dapho is a traditional Korean garment with short sleeves and a long vest-like shape.



When the wind blows, the slits reveal the beauty of the Hanbok. The dragon emblem, once reserved for royalty, is gold-foiled on the shoulders, adding a unique flair. You can wear it like a cardigan, or over a T-shirt and pants like a robe. The collar and cuffs are adorned with a glossy, opaque material, while the body is made of a sheer fabric, doubling the elegance. 


Experience the sophisticated allure of Hanbok with this exquisite Dapho! 



Ylang Long Sleeve Midi Dress - 5 Colors

일랑 긴팔 한복 원피스 - 5가지 컬러



A Unique Hanbok Dress Combining Hanbok and Dress Styles”

Is it a Hanbok or a dress? It's our unique dress!


From a distance, it looks like a dress, but up close, it’s a Hanbok.


Have you ever seen a dress like this before? This Hanbok dress combines the elements of both Hanbok and dress, featuring traditional Hanbok elements such as the Git, Dong-jeong, and Go-reum.



The Git is the part that wraps around the neck, the Dong-jeong is the additional fabric that is attached to the Git, and the Go-reum are the ties that are used to attach the Jeogori, the upper garment of the Hanbok.



Experience the unique charm of this Hanbok dress, that seamlessly blends traditional Korean dress with modern fashion! 



LEESLE is a modern Hanbok brand based in Jeonju, Korea, with over 17 years of history. It was founded by designer Hwang Lee-sle, who gave her name to the brand. 



With the design philosophy of 👖creating Hanbok that can be worn like jeans, LEESLE makes Hanbok that is easy to coordinate, stays true to the basics, is comfortable for all ages and genders, and is easy to machine wash. LEESLE wants to give you "an everyday life made special with Hanbok". 


We hope that hanbok will become a casual fashion choice that individuals can use to express their uniqueness, rather than just a tourist experience. Hanbok is not just for special occasions; it's clothing that brings happiness and makes you feel special every time you wear it. Experience this charm with LEESLE. 


In addition to modern silhouettes, LEESLE also develops upcycled materials from recycled plastic, striving to create Hanbok that reflects the times. 


Discover the unique appeal of LEESLE's Hanbok, where tradition meets contemporary style! 


🛒 Online Store 

- https://leesle.kr/ 

- https://www.amazon.com/s?k=LEESLE 


🎞 Youtube 

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fkZHOmev1A 



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