K-LEARNING | May.10.2024

7-panel Webtoon, Are Your New Year's Resolutions Still Going Strong?

We're already racing toward the middle of 2024. How are you all doing with your New Year's resolutions?


In Korea, there's a saying called 작심삼일(jak-sim-sam-il) that reflects a bittersweet reality. It means that although we start something with a lot of enthusiasm, we often give up quickly—a funny yet sad habit that seems to repeat itself every year. 😨



In this episode, we'll explore how the fiery resolutions made at the beginning of the year quickly fizzle out.


Let's start learning Korean and Korean culture through a 7-panel comic!


📖 Key Words in Comics


- 새해를 맞다[sae-hae-reul mat-da]: To welcome the new year 

- 큰맘 먹다[keun-mam meok-da]: To make a big decision 

- 올해[ol-hae]: This year 

- 목표[mok-pyo]: Goals 

- 다이어트[da-i-eo-teu]: Diet 

- 다이어트하다[da-i-eo-teu-ha-da]: To diet, To go on a diet 

- 감량[gam-lyang]: Weight loss 

- 감량하다[gam-lyang-ha-da]: To lose weight 

- 한 달[han dal]: A month, one month 

- 최소[choe-so]: At least 

- 권[gwon]: In the context of counting books 

- 꼬르륵[kko-reu-reuk]: Rumble(sound of a stomach growling) 

- 배고프다[bae-go-peu-da]: I'm so hungry 

- ~부터[~bu-teo]: Starting from, from(e.g., 내일부터 translates to starting tomorrow) 



📖 작심삼일[jak-sim-sam-il] 


- A three-day resolution 

- A resolution good for only three days 


It's said that our bodies release hormones when we set goals and begin challenging tasks, but the effects of these hormones last only about 72 hours. Perhaps that’s why decisions made with great determination often don’t last longer than three days. 


Let’s explore the Korean concept of 작심삼일 with English phrases like 'stick to nothing' and 'fall off the wagon'. 


① Stick to nothing 


나는 늘 작심삼일이야. 

I always stick to nothing. 

= You always give up quickly.


② Fall off the wagon 


작심삼일은 이제 그만! 

Time to stop falling off the wagon! 

= Say Goodbye to Three-Day Resolutions! 

= It's time to stop the cycle of short-lived resolutions! 


🎁 Essential insights into Korean culture


Let's find out what the most popular New Year's resolutions are among men and women between the ages of 10 and 30 in Korea. 


1. Taking Care of Health (건강 챙기기) 

2. Dieting (다이어트 하기) 

3. Quitting Smoking and Drinking (금연과 금주하기) 

4. Engaging in Hobbies (취미 활동하기) 

5. Managing Finances (재테크하기) 


당신의 올해 목표는 무엇이었어요? 

What were your goals for this year? 


📍 Various details on pronunciation and diverse examples are sourced from KONOGRAM.com. Click here! 


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