K-GOODS | April.25.2024

Exploring Korean Cherry Blossom 2024 Products Online


What charming pink cherry blossom editions can we find in Korea for 2024?😎


April is cherry blossom season, and Korea offers a range of cherry blossom products!🎀


Kmall24 visited to quench your curiosity~


Shall we take a look at the cherry blossom season merchandise available in Korea in 2024?




Currently, Starbucks in Korea features a variety of MD products soaked in pink! 🎀


🥤Tumblers and cups inspired by the cherry blossoms of April, perfect for invoking the spirit of the season and sparking your desire to shop.



There's a wide array of enticing products available!



Especially in Korea,



 you can find items like a folding umbrella☂ adorned with fully bloomed cherry blossoms 

and a Bearista(Teddy bear) keychain🐻 depicting a character on a swing.



These are perfect items to attach to your bag or car keys to add a personal touch of cherry blossom season!


From a cherry blossom-shaped dessert fork set🍴 to pair with sweet desserts.


You can experience an even sweeter time~




✨A special hint just for you from Kmall24!✨


 While seasonal products are great,

 if you're curious about regional tumblers sold during the spring season while visiting Korea, gather around—tumblers from major tourist cities like Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju, and Jeju are available.





Daiso Korea offers a variety of seasonal products. 

This season, they've released many products featuring fluttering cherry blossoms.



Shall we check out the spring-filled Spring series?



🌺 Cherry blossom lifestyle products enjoyed with cute characters




Pink stationery filled with fluttering cherry blossom shapes



These cherry blossom season products are popular not only with tourists but also with locals.💕


With many cherry blossom MD products on sale across Korea during the cherry blossom season, come visit and explore Korea during this enchanting time!💨💨


Stay tuned for more hot updates on virtual product tours in Korea!🤩🤩


📢 Please note that the design of cherry blossom merchandise changes annually.



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