[iTSEOUL] iTBOX Hanbok Fragrance & Snacks - GIFT PACKAGE

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PRODUCT TYPE : Hanbok souvenir & Korean snacks GIFT PACKAGE

* Hanbok package box
size detail: W 24.5cm *L 28cm * H 7cm

* 8~10+ Korean famous snacks

* 1 Handmade Hanbok fragrance
size detail: W 8cm *L 12cm * H 8cm

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iT SEOUL is a company that sell various Curation products which has been chosen for fans of Korea.

[iT BOX]

This gift set comes with Hand-made Korean "Hanbok souvenir" such as Hanbok fragrance, keyring, bookmark and the eight to ten selected traditional Korean snacks. Particularly, this Hanbok iTBOX is wrapped by adorable Hanbok package box and are expected to be highly satisfying for gifts and souvenirs for fans of Korea. 



[Handmade Hanbok fragrance]

This is Hand-made Hanbok fragrance with an aromatic cypress wooden cube inside the Hanbok skirt. 

*The color of Hanbok is random and please write down the specific color you want.

[Korean traditional snack] 

There includes the eight to ten of Korean selected traditional snacks such as below yakgwa and Jeju tangerine popped rice snack

*YAKGWA-Korean cookies made with flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon and ginger juice



   *JEJU TANGERINE POPPED RICE SNACK - Handmade snack with popped rice, whole tangerine without any additives.


Yakgwa -4 

Ingredients: 45gx3

flour, starch syrup



ginger juice, rice wine

Expiration date:



tangerine  popped rice snack 

Ingrediets: 32gx2

Jeju tangerine puree(30%), 

popped rice, flour, starch syrup

Expiration date:


Honey butter chip

Ingrediets: 30gx1

Potato, sunflower oil, acacia honey, gourmet butter,

Expiration date:


Honey butter Almond

Ingrediets: 30gx1

Almond, macadamia,

Starch syrup,

honey, processed butter

Expiration date:


Choco pie

Ingrediets: 32gx2

Flour, shortening,

cocoa powder,

whole egg liquid

Expiration date:


Monchel tongtong pie


Flour,shortening, Chocolate  

cocoa powder

whole egg liquid

Expiration date:


Variety of treats (Candy)

4 to 5 small candies

Expiration date:


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