[HERZ] HERZ LIBERO-S BRACELET Health Energy Therapy Silver Jewelry

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[HERZ is Health Jewelry applying Molecular Oscillations.]
Lots of information (molecular oscillations) useful to the human body has been programmed in the HERZ. The BIOSIGNALS of the HERZ help restore balance and harmony within the body by activating the body’s energy.

Size: length/17.5cm, width/6mm, weight/about 18g
Material : silver92.5%, rhodium plated
Made in : South Korea

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Product Description

Upgrade your Energy!

Lots of information (molecular oscillations) useful to the human body has been programmed in the HERZ

The BIOSIGNALS of the HERZ help restore balance and harmony within the body by activating the body’s energy.

Oscillations Technology

The secret of life lies within water. Water is life,mother of all beings. Modern science has been making a new way to better life by disclosing mysterious orders hidden behind it.





length / 17.5cm,  width / 6mm,  about 18g


silver 92.5%,  rhodium plated

Life is Oscillations. 

Oscillations are energy.

The modern people living in the most advanced digital society are surrounded by negative information (air pollution, electromagnetic waves, harmful food, stress, overwork, and etc.) to disturb or interfere their healthy wave fields. 

The healthy body refreshed with new energy every day is not affected very much by such information and maintains its vitality by maintaining its balance by itself. 

As a beautiful art and harmonious energy, HERZ helps our body to get back healthy information which is unique to our body.

When HERZ is on our body it means our body is under protection of HERZ-BIOSIGNAL. 

HERZ will act very naturally.

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 Questions & Answers 


Hi all!

We are SOUZU.BIZ who produces and distributes HERZ, the health jewelry, made of precious metals.

HERZ is Health Jewelry applying molecular oscillationsThis is the product jointly developed by our company and German MERUS GmbH. BIOSIGNAL, the key technology of HERZ, is created by the definite technological background of ‘logical conclusion obtained through several years of experiments’, namely, ‘Experimented Knowledge’. It is very alike that the situation of experimental physics in 19th century, once the new phenomenon was found, many scientists tried to get same results making new theories.

The function of HERZ is classified by a part of Alternative Therapies and through lots of field tests, we can understand how it works and make better results for human body. This method is explained from the alternative therapy fields, under the name of 'Wave(Gi,氣) Therapy'.

There are already some other products in industries applying molecular oscillations such as, MERUS RING (physical water treatment device), and MERUS Quantum Stick (portable water activating device). These products have been used worldwide at Europe, Middle-East Asia, and Asian countries, receiving good recognition for its efficacy.

We recommend you enjoy both nice fashionable jewelry and the gift of the state-of-the art technology HERZ-BIOSIGNAL. We SOUZU.BIZ will try our best endeavor in developing to supply you better life and style.

Thank you.

www.herzkorea.com       herz@herzkorea.com       +82-(0)10-2485-3477

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