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Real fruit mandarin chips.

- It is sliced and easy to eat.

* Two flavor
- Honey butter 1 + Yogurt cream.1 = 1 set

*More information is stated on the description below

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Product Description

1. YOGURT Mandarin Chips

2.Honey Butter Mandarin Chips

1. Name of the ptoduct : Honey Butter Mandarin Chips

Food type;     Fruit-fed products

Content amount : 25g

Raw materials &contents: dried citrus74.1%Jeju island],oligosaccharide 10.8%

Honey7.7%{Jeju island} butter3%[Ukraine]Synthetic flavouring[[smell of honey butter]

milk. Soybean

Item report number; 20170627116-1

Nested material; Polyethylene

Expiration date; Top mark


Nutrition information; 

Content amount; 25g ; 89.3kcal

Sodium : 12mg

Carbohydrate : 18g

a sugar stream : 7g

Cholesterol : 2mg

Fat : 2g

Trans fat : 0g

Saturated fat : 2g

Protein : 1g


Manufacture :  Jejudo Jejusi jocheoneup namjoro3gil 112

Precautions :  eat it quick after the release.

Do not take  enclosed a desiccant,but must be harmless to the human body

Storage method; Store in a cool place

2. Name of the product; Yogurt Mandarin Chips

Food type; Fruit-fed products

Content amount : 25g

Raw materials & contents; yogurt cream[domestic production], white sugar,

Palm-nuclearized oil[Malayisa,Indonesia], Blended skimmed milk[Netherlands]

Lactose[Germany] yogurt powder3% [domestic production], Lecithin,

Synthetic flavouring agent[Vanilin,yokurt], dried citrus33.3%[jeju island]

milk, soybean

Item report number; 20170627116-6

Expiration date : Top mark

Nested material : Polyethlene


Nutrition information;

Content amount; 25g ;102cal

Sodium ; 11mg

Carbohydrate; 18g

a sugar stream; 7g

Cholesterol ; 1mg

Fat; 3g

Trans fat; 0g

Saturated fat; 3g

Protein; 1g


 Manufacture; Jejudo Jejusi jocheoneup namjoro 3 gil 112

Precautions; eat it quick after the release

Do not take enclosed a desiccant, but must be harmless to the human body

Storage method; Store in cool place

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