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Bio Powerlong is a multipurpose coolant additive for improving fuel-efficiency after putting it into the cooling water of the engine of Gasoline, Gas, Diesel which is an internal combustion engine and improving exhaust gas by boosting complete combustion. This make the fuel efficiency up to 15% over, and strong the engine power up to 40% over. And also it reduce the smoke pollution down to 80%. Then it save the energy economically for this high oil price age, and save the earth from the global warming and climate change.
Bio Powerstrong is a engine oil additive for improving fuel-efficiency after putting it into the engine oil and improving exhaust gas by boosting complete combustion.

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Product Description

1. What is Bio Power Long?

Bio Power Long is composed with substances that change coolant to ion activation 

with inorganic substance and energy substance with electrical properties.

This material is an environment-friendly product that can improve the power uprating 

and fuel saving of automobiles that it is used in ventilation and cooler system in vehicles 

to improve combustion energy efficiency, to strengthen engine power, and to decrease engine noise and smog.



2. Principle

2-1. When main component of Bio Power Long is added to coolant that makes cooling effect of preventing overheated engine, it maximizes the cooling effect and speeds up circulation of the coolant by ion activates the existing coolant. It used a principle of improving the fuel efficiency and reducing smog by inducing the mixture gas in combustion chamber to be combusted completely, and used special minerals to decrease the friction coefficient close to zero for smooth coolant flow.

2-2. When Bio Power Long is added to coolant, it produces higher efficiency because it has higher cooling effect than existing coolant.

(1) Engine generates power by burning mixture gas of fuel and air in combustion chamber. Here, the amount actually used for power among combustion energy is a mere 30%. The remaining 70% is consumed in mechanical loss, exhaust, and heat of the car body. Engine can cause overheat condition even in idling condition, and can create critical damage on the engine when the overheat condition is serious by deforming the cylinder head and causing abrasion of a piston. And cooling device is installed in every car to maintain appropriate temperature as a way to prevent this damage. When Bio Power Long is added to collant, it improves the circulatory flow by ion activating the coolant, prevents overheating, and maintains proper temperature.

(2) Viscosity of engine oil decreases when the engine temperature goes up, and uses excessive oil for equal output of vehicle. But as adding Bio Power Long maintains appropriate engine temperature and viscosity of engine oil, you can expect fuel efficiency because there is no need to add oil for higher engine power.



3. Addition method

A) When there is a radiator cap

- Open the radiator cap, take out as much as the Bio Power Long inject and put inside the auxiliary cooling water case.

- Put Bio Power Long insider the radiator when the engine cools down and close the cap.

B) When there's no radiator cap

- Put Bio Power Long into the coolant auxiliary container.


4. Effect

Bio Power Long shows effect when coolant circulates inside the engine 

after it is injected into the radiator coolant container. You can see the following phenomenon when there is more use time after driving starts.

-Accelerator is soft.

-Engine noise decreased noticeably as if you changed the engine oil.

-Maintains certain engine temperature for better fuel efficiency by suppressing fan drive for cooling the engine.

-Reduces exhaust fumes(gas).

-Less tiring even after long drive because you can feel soft and powerful effect during high-speed driving and long distance driving.



5. Etc

(1) Can use on coolant of every engine that controls temperature.

(2) You can see constant effect only when you reinsert when changing the coolant.

(Expiration date of coolant: 2 years)

(3) Recommend to exchange once a year for optimal effect.

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