[DS Seveneight] Hair Mascara 0.51 fl. oz. (15ml)

SKU : dspharm_seveneight1

[DS Seveneight] Odorless Hair Color Cream 2.11oz(60g)

Volume : 0.51 fl. oz. (15ml)

Made in : Korea

Manufacturer : Dongsung Bio Pharm.co.LTD

Description :
For the first time in the world, Dong Sung Pharmaceuticals has developed a mascara type semi-permanent hair color. Unlike other temporary gray hair coverage products which use alkaline permanent hair colorant causing much damage, EZN Hair Mascara is formulated with mild acidic ingredients similar to the ones used in skincare cosmetics causing no damage and irritation to hair and scalp when using the product. Patent pending ingredients make the mascara sweat- and water-proof with its special coating material while its specially designed and patented V-shaped brush allows for very convenient and easy application. Also, Tahitian black pearl extracts were added on to make the color more glossy & bright. With all of the above-mentioned attributes, EZN Hair Mascara semi-permanently colors your gray hair through hair manicure coating color technique until you see your new grays come out. (Comes in 3 different colors: DB – Dark Brown , NB – Natural Black , SB – Soft Brown)

How to Use :
Open cap and using the attached brush, apply evenly to premature gray hair. Let it sit for 30 seconds ~ 1 minute in order for the product to completely dry. Wash and shampoo hair as usual at the end of the day to prevent coloring bedding items. (Note: When opening, keep the container right-side up to prevent leakage or spills.)

Color Selection:
DB – Dark Brown , NB – Natural Black , SB – Soft Brown

Expiration date : 36 months from the date of manufacture

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