[chienchatte] Red checkered dress

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* Colors : Red
* How to wash/handling precautions : Hand-wash recommended
- Due to harsh washing, sharp metal parts, which are spined dots button, could be exposed.
* Materials : Main-Polyester 60%, Rayon 35%, Spandex5%, Sub-TR
* Country of manufacture : Korea
* Manufacturer : Chienchatte
* Size : XS,S,M,L,XL
* Quality assurance standards : 1 month from purchase

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Product Description

It's red checked dress that your pet looks so neat and cute like a Little Princess.

The main fabric in black and collar, a skirt, and buttons with red checked pattern help to be more stylish.

On the collar, there is a ribbon accessory symbolizing CHIENCHATTE to be more luxurious.

Clothing by CHIENCHATTE is the same with man's clothing in terms of making process.

We don't make no distinction between pet clothes and man's.

Though it is said that we don't need to do so for pet clothing, CHIENCHATTE will keep our own philosophy, that is, "We only make what designers are satisfied with."

It is CHIENCHATTE that loves clothing.



















   * Neck: Measure around the neck at collar positions.

  * Back: Measure from the point measuring neck to the base of the tail. 

* Chest: Measure the widest point around your pet's body.

  -We suggest to measure your pet with a tapeline for each part first, and then to purchase what you want according to the similar size.


-"CHIENCHATTE ATELIER" produces tailor-made clothing for your companion animals.

Please let us know the size of pets such as a dachshund, a Welsh corgi, and a pug, which have unique body shapes, and we will have produced clothing for them.

When a purchase for a tailor-made clothing is done, you will be a member of " CHIENCHATTE ATELIER ", and the perfect size pattern for your pet will be kept.  

Therefore, the second choice will be more reliable .

(Note: Prices for producing unique body shapes' clothing vary from sizes. Please contact us!)

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