[Cellromax] Vitamin D 5000 (5,000 IU, 60Capsule)

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It contains 5000 IU of vitamin D.

Vitamin D activates the body's immune system, which results in an antiviral effect.
Lack of vitamin D reduces our body's immune system against all kinds of viruses, especially CORONAVIRUS(COVID-19)
The thing is how much content of Vitamin D for your body and how good vitamin D you take.
This is Vitamin D 5000IU and it is good enough for you and your family and we are using the best vitamin D raw material which is from Switzerland DSM company.

Check your vitamin D raw material quality and how much vitamin D is contained in the product.

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Vitamin D is very important to activate your body's immune system and Vitamin d deficiency may cause various problems in your body.

In order for you to prevent Coronavirus(COVID-19), you must enhance your immune ability and vitamin D is the very one for it.

One thing we have to consider in choosing vitamin D is its raw ingredient and the content of vitamin D.

We use DSM vitamin D in Switzerland as the main ingredient and it is one of the best vitamin D raw ingredient makers, and the content of vitamin D is 5,000IU/capsule.

We, one of the leading companies for pharmacists here, recommend people to take at least 4,000IU per day and our product is 5,000IU.

Cellromax Vitamin D has been selling more than 2,600 pharmacies in South Korea and was provided to medical people who are fighting with Coronavirus.

Take care of yourself and your family with this powerful one!

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