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Ramosu - Hyaluronic Acid Solution 100 Ampoule 10mlx5ea


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Sold by RAMOSU


Potent Solution Serum for Replenishing Dehydrated Skin

Qty : 10mlx5ea

Skin Types : For all skin

Made in South Korea

Hydrates thirsty skin
Hot moisturizing products

Ramosu Hyaluronic Ampoule

Fling the spaces between the connective fibers
collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid wth an extraordinary ability
to attract and retain moisture.

Hydration level determines skin age.

A lack of moisture leads to dryness, loss of skin elasticity,
and roughness of the skin, while damaging skin barrier function.

If your skin lacks of moisture
The main reason your skin becomes dehydrated is reductions
or the lack of natural moisturizing factor (NMF),
which ultimately leads to damage to the skin's natural barrier
that provides hydration to skin and prevent loss of water
through the water holding/absorb properties;
and to protect skin against external factors.

[ Damaged skin barrier ] [ Normal skin barrier ]

Hyaluronic acid has unique ability to attract to
1,000 times its weight in moisture.

Naturally found in the body, filling the spaces between
the connective fibers collagen and elastin in the dermis,
hyaluronic acid(HA) plays a critical role in skin health with
its unique ability to attract and hold up to 1,000 times
its weight in moisture.


As we age, hyaluronic acid(HA) can drop significantly.
Ever since your skin reached its prime in 18-20 years of age,
HA begins to decrease and skin become dry.

[ Young, healthy skin moisturized with HA ] [ Aged, damaged skin lacking HA ]

Super moisturized Ampoule!

Ramosu Hyaluronic acid ampoule.
With a extraordinary ability to attract and retain moisture,
Ramosu's hyaluronic acid provides an immediate cure for dehydrated,
damaged skin and keeps moisture inside the skin with just one drop.

Intense Moisturizing Solution

Potent Moisture Replenishing Ability

Skin Hydration Test

This test study was performed over a period of 28 days
with an aim of assessing skin hydration levels and elasticity
by using a skin condition analyzer before and
after Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid Solution 100.

Test Subject: Female, 29 yrs. Old / Skin Type: Dry
Test Start Date: March 1, 2016 / Test End Date: March 28, 2016

This picture is results of the self test of Ramosu Co., Ltd to help you understand the product.

Microorganism fermentation technology

With the help of latest bacterial fermentation process,
the Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid 100 has been crafted from
our unique microbic culture fluid that promotes cell formation
and growth to achieve optimal Hyaluronic-acid yield and quality.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid

- Combine to any lotion or cream Double the hydration effect.

- Add to BB cream or foundation!
Create a natural and dewy looking makeup!

- Apply HA before sheet mask!
Gives you a skin-hugging fit and deep hydration!

- Mix HA with toner Make your own moisturizing spray!

A healthy adult
skin cycle
is 28 days.

The skin cycle is continually sloughing off old dead skin cells
and replacing them with new ones.

Our skin produces new skin cells for 14 days,
Our skin travels from the lowest layer to the top layer,
where they shed off for 14 days.

If the skin regeneration cycle slows
as we grow older or because we neglect
our skincare, makeup will become cakey
due to the skin being rough, dull and dry.

A good skincare routine keeps your nice skin healthy
for a long time and makes your bad skin caring
more beautiful and healthy.

Ramosu ampoule is concentrate cosmetics that keep
the skin cycle healthy for maximum effects of the ingredient.
But it can't create a dramatic effect on skin as soon as you put it on.

the more you apply,
the better your skin will be.


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